DPCK-News 2010

Dezember 2010 | Jugendforum/Youth Forum 2011 in Bejing

The 8th International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum will be held in Beijing/China in August 2011. The host is Beijing High School 4, Pierre de Coubertin School. As Tai Chi is one event of the Athletic Contest, colleagues of the host school and their students have produced a short movie and an introductory text for the participating students who are not familiar with the traditional Chinese Tai Chi. The CD is a valuable medium to introduce the learner into the first steps of Tai Chi.
The files are linked.
Text mit Beschreibung/text with explanation/texte avec description (203KB)
Tai Chi-Film/movie (211MB)

(To download the files: place cursor on link - press right mouse button - use "save file to")